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To have guidance counselors and social workers attentive to this problem and the kinds of issues these girls face. For them, dating during their teen years did not translate into commitment to marriage. Ethnic and racial disparities in education: Parents of non-attempters also hoped that education would allow their daughters to access a pool of suitors that were as future-oriented as their children. Limited socioeconomic opportunities may play a large role in persistently high pregnancy rates among Latina adolescents. The average age of all girls was We should out we're talking about attempted suicides here.

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Numerous factors have been identified as influences on adolescent childbearing 6including contraceptive access 7 and method choice 89 ; sexual partnership characteristics 10 ; social and cultural norms regarding teen childbearing; and parent-child communication 11 and parental monitoring

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Aspirations of Latina adolescent suicide attempters

In contrast to parents of Latinas who had attempted suicide, parents of non-attempters aspired to the fulfillment of moral character, personal, educational, professional and material goals, including being good, starting a family with the right partner, graduating from high school, attending college, and having things and experiences that their parents could not have accessed see Table 3. More specifically, the mothers hoped that education would carry social mobility and gender role transitions for their daughters. They're growing up in this country. Other immigrant teens had to assume substantial childcare responsibilities for extended family members, which interfered with their ability to stay in school. In fact, for death by suicide, in actuality, a Latino youth and African-American youth have among the lowest rate of death by suicide.

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